Membership Fees



Since our gym is easily the most unique, amazing and supportive workout environment, it makes sense that our pricing tries to make it as easy as possible to families to be healthy together. In exchange for keeping the prices down, we expect a whole lot of sweat equity!

That’s it.

Nothing hidden.

Nothing tricky.

​Okay…we get it…maybe you went through a bad gym-breakup, and commitment scares you. We understand. If the monthly membership doesn’t work for you (either one month at a time or auto renewal with no penalty to cancel at any time), we have other options:

Single Visit Drop-in

$20 + GST

10 Punch Cards​ – 10 visits

$180 + GST

10 Class Pass – Capoeira

$100 + GST
(Capoeira is included in monthly membership)

10 Class Pass – Kickboxing

$180 + GST
(Kickboxing is included in monthly membership)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

included with LSS membership​
$100/month for non-members


$60/month for LSS members
$120/month for non-members

Your first visit is free, and Sunday HIIT is always free (trust me, you’ll feel like you earned it!).

If you would like to come and do an additional drop in class, your first drop in visit will be either $20 or buy an LSS tank/tee for $20 and class will be on us!!

*includes all members who currently reside at the same living space.

Refund Policy

Little Sweatshop Inc. gives you the option of choosing a one month membership or a month to month withdrawal method of payment. At any time if you would like to cancel your month to month contract, please contact Shelley Montemurro via email at

​Please give a minimum of 3 days notice before the next month’s payment is to be withdrawn to allow time for the cancellation to be confirmed.

Once a one month membership has been purchased, the monthly fee will not be refunded, but can potentially be extended or put on hold if the client gives adequate reason, in writing, to Shelley Montemurro.




We have a range of affordable membership options to suit your family / lifestyle!!

Gym Hours

Monday-Wednesday:  6am - 8pm

Thursday-Friday:  6am - 7pm

Saturday:  9am - 10am

Sunday:  10:30am - 4:30pm

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